Safety features

Advanced Safety Features Available in New Chevrolet Vehicles at Graff Mt. Pleasant

Your safety on and off the road is extremely important to us at Graff Chevrolet Mt. Pleasant. Luckily, Chevrolet has made it even easier to be safe on the road. Drivers of new Chevy vehicles can benefit from the various standard and optional advanced safety and driver assistive features. There are several standard safety features available in new Chevy models, including, but not limited to, side blind zone alerts, Lane Keep Assist technology, rearview cameras, forward safety awareness technology, OnStar® Automatic Crash Response technology, and rear cross traffic alerts. However, these features are meant to reduce risks, not prevent them – safe and attentive driving habits are still very important!

Cruise controls

Adaptive Cruise Control

If you've been in the market for a new car lately, you might have heard about Adaptive Cruise Control. This is an active safety feature that allows you to keep the vehicle in cruise control mode anywhere on the road. This feature uses radar technology to automatically adjust the speed of your vehicle and apply braking when needed, all based on the surrounding traffic. You can set the Cruise Speed and Following Gap with the controls on the steering wheel, and leave the rest up to Adaptive Cruise Control! This feature is available on a number of new Chevrolet's and is great for drivers who regularly experience dense traffic.

Zone alert

Side Blind Zone Alert

If a vehicle approaches the Chevrolet driver’s blind spot, the Side Blind Zone Alert feature will illuminate small lights on the side view mirror. This feature uses radars at the front and rear of the vehicle to identify approaching vehicles on either side of the vehicle to ultimately help keep the driver aware of their surroundings. The light will illuminate and stay on until the vehicle has moved out of the Side Blind Zone letting drivers know whether it's safe to merge or change lanes!

Lane assists

Lane Keep Assist Technology

Lane Keep Assist is a safety feature that uses information from multiple cameras around the exterior of the vehicle to help keep you in your lane. The cameras identify road markings to determine the lane you're in. This feature will alert you with a visual and audible warning, and in some vehicles, a vibration alert in the driver's seat when you start drifting from your lane without your turn signal on. If you do not move your vehicle back into your lane, your steering wheel will automatically move your car over. This is a setting that can be turned on and off at your discretion.

Rear cam

Rear Vision Camera

Standard on every new Chevrolet model, this Rear Vision Camera displays what's behind your vehicle on the interior display screen when it is put into reverse. Some new models also come with a birds-eye view feature that allows you to see what's happening on all sides of the vehicle. The display comes with guidelines to help you park your vehicle in tight spots and to avoid any rear pedestrian collisions when you're backing up.

Forward awareness

Forward Safety Awareness

Using cameras located at the front of your vehicle, Forward Safety Awareness and Forward Collision Alert technologies help to detect slow drivers ahead, provide alerts, and apply automatic braking if needed. This feature is built to mitigate collisions and even avoid collisions completely in low speed situations. Forward Safety Awareness also assist drivers in following those ahead at a safe distance by alerting the driver if they're too close, or tailgating.

Cross traffic

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

When you're in a busy parking lot, the Rear Cross Traffic Alert feature will come in handy! This feature works in conjunction with the Rear Vision Camera by providing live video of what's behind your car when it is in reverse. It also uses radars at the rear corners of the vehicle to detect other vehicles that might be coming up behind you. When another vehicle is detected, the system will warn you audibly and visually on the interior display.


IntelliBeam Headlamps

Using the camera at the front of the vehicle, this feature will automatically adjust your headlamps! The IntelliBeam safety feature will not only turn your low-beams on and off depending on the light available outside, but it will also control your high-beams. If an oncoming car is detected, this feature will make sure your high-beams are turned off to protect the eyes of the other driver. If the condition outside is dark enough and no oncoming cars are detected, you can enjoy a brighter view hands-free!


OnStar® Automatic Crash Response

If your vehicle is equipped with OnStar® and is involved in a collision, you can rest assured help is at your fingertips. Many new Chevy vehicles come with three months of free OnStar® service. In the event of an accident, the Automatic Crash Response feature will alert an OnStar® Advisor, who will connect to the audio in your vehicle to see if you need assistance. The advisor can identify your location by GPS and send help there if needed. While OnStar is a paid subscription based service, it's worth considering for you and your passenger's safety.



Explore New Chevrolet Models with Advanced Safety Features in Mt. Pleasant, MI

Chevrolet’s various safety features and driver assistive technology is available to not only keep you safe, but to also help you become a better driver! You can explore the features mentioned above and so much more in new Chevrolet models at Graff Mt. Pleasant. We're more than happy to answer any questions you may have about these safety features, and provide you with a test drive to show you how they work. Our dealership is conveniently located off of US-127 at 4580 E Pickard Rd, Mt. Pleasant, MI, 48858. Give us a call at (989) 773-3937 to set up a test drive or visit us to begin your search for a new Chevy vehicle. We proudly serve the Mt. Pleasant area and the surrounding communities of Alma, Midland, Big Rapids, Clare, Ithaca, and beyond!.