Spring Wiper Blade Care at Graff Chevrolet Mt. Pleasant

The spring season may bring warmer temperatures, but it also causes wet surroundings. With the change from winter to spring the snow begins to melt and our vehicles are faced with rain and fog. These spring weather conditions can make it difficult to see through our windshield, which is why it is very important to have the quality wiper blades on your car to avoid the dangers of an unclear view of the road and traffic ahead. Wiper blades are an important component to your car all year long, but during the rainy season they become critical in our ability to see clearly while out on the road.

Throughout the year your wiper blades will face everyday wear and tear. We recommend having them replaced every 6 months or so. The winter weather can take a toll on your wiper blades especially. After months of ice and snow covered windshields and frozen temperatures, your wiper blades could show signs of being stripped, broken or cracked. Here are some signs you could look for when needing new wiper blades:

  • Squeaking noises when in use
  • Wiper blades don’t provide clear view of road
  • Blades have broken or damaged rubber
  • Blades leave streaks across the windshield

If you are looking for more information on wiper blades and maintenance, take a look at our FAQ page under the Service page on the left hand side.

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