Spring Fluid Car Care at Graff Chevrolet Mt. Pleasant

Fluids are a very important component to your vehicle. There are many types of fluids that run through your vehicle and they all perform different functions lending to your car’s performance and efficiency. It is always important to make sure your vehicle fluids are topped off, inspected, or changed on a routine basis. When you perform routine fluid maintenance you can help your vehicle run well for the spring season and beyond. During the spring season we tend to drive longer distances and plan road trips because of the warmer weather and sunshine. At Graff Chevrolet Mt. Pleasant, our number one priority is to keep you and your passengers safe. We also understand that your vehicle is a big investment, and we want to help keep it running well! Get to know which fluids you need to inspect, change, or refill with the spring fluid car care tips below:

  • Oil Changes - Oil changes are by far one of the most important fluid care routines you can perform for your car. It is the fluid maintenance you need to be doing throughout the entire year. Engine oil is important because it keeps your engine running. The oil is key to many functions including lubricating moving engine parts, keeping your engine clean, protecting the engine against wear, and taking heat away from the engine. We recommend getting your oil changed every 3,000 - 5,000 miles, depending on your driving habits and use of synthetic oil. Specific directions on when your vehicle should be getting oil changes can be found in your Owner’s Manual. You can also contact our experts at Graff Chevrolet Mt. Pleasant with any questions. If you notice any leaks or your oil light has turned on, bring you car to our Service Center for an inspection. We’ll get you back on the road safely in no time.

  • Washer Fluid - Your vehicle’s washer fluid works in conjunction with your wiper blades. The washer fluid is used to clean any residue that is left by dirt or salt off of your windshield for clearer visibility while driving. It is used to help you see the roads clearly no matter what time of year. When the spring season hits, rain, fog, and muck can take a toll on your clear view of the road. It is important to make sure your vehicle always has washer fluid so you can clean off anything on your windshield that may hinder your view. You can purchase washer fluid at any auto store. Washer fluids come in two types. One type of washer fluid is a concentrate you must dilute 50/50 with water before pouring it into the washer fluid tank. Another type of fluid comes pre-diluted and can be used right away. Another important thing to keep in mind when buying washer fluid is to make sure it can withstand the temperatures of the area you’re driving in.

  • Coolant - Your coolant is also known as antifreeze. The coolant is an auto fluid composed of additives that help control the temperature of different engine parts. Your coolant’s main job is to help prevent the radiator from overheating throughout the whole year. We recommend flushing and changing your vehicle’s coolant every two years or every 24,000 miles. If you detect a coolant leak or your engine appears to be overheating, stop in to the Graff Chevrolet Mt. Pleasant Service Center and we will have you safely on the road in no time.

For more information on vehicle fluids and routine maintenance you can visit the FAQ section of our Service page on the website.

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Your fluids are just as important to your car as any other component! They help your vehicle run smoothly and perform to its best ability. Our certified technicians at the Graff Chevrolet Mt. Pleasant Service Center will help get your car ready for the warm weather. Our team of experts can help you with fluid inspections, changes, and refills so you can drive safely on the road. Stop by and see us at 4580 E. Pickard, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858. We proudly serve the Mt. Pleasant area and nearby communities including Midland, Big Rapids, Clare, Alma, St. Louis, and Ithaca. Schedule your next fluid maintenance service online or call (989) 773-3937 today.